The decor packages are for up to 50 guests. Each additional guest is $12pp.

These packages exclude weddings. If you are interested in booking an intimate wedding with us, please ask how we can customize a wedding package for you.

MPQ Studio Rental $850

  • 6 Hour Rental
  • 50 Clear Chiavari Chairs
  • Room Drapery
  • One White Draped Backdrop
  • Up To 50 Charger Plates
  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Full Room Uplighting
  • Kitchen Area
  • 1 Event Attendant

Monday – Thursday Rental $650

Studio Rental & MPQ Premier Decor $3,599

  • Venue Rental
  • Assistance with theme choice
  • Full Room Uplighting
  • All Specialty Linen Tablecloths (Guests Tables)
  • Up to 50 Clear Lattice Chairs
  • Linen Napkins
  • Charger Plates 
  • Centerpieces: Crystals, Candles, Theme Decor
  • Silk Floral Arrangements (Upgrade to Fresh Florals)
  • Organic Balloon Decor
  • Head Table Decor & Specialty Linen 
  • Two Standard Thrones or Specialty Chairs
  • Desserts: Three dozen of custom desserts, Two dozen of misc. desserts, Three types of candy, jars, trays, decor 
  • Acrylic Table OR Acrylic/Gold Metal Pillar Stands for Custom Dessert Station
  • Welcome Sign
  • Stationery (Guests Menus or Thank You Notes)
  • Custom Photo Area or Custom Photo Backdrop  
  • Draped Backdrop (Head Table)
  • Crystal Bling Card Box Rental (Silver or Gold)
  • Gift Table Specialty Linen 
  • Food Table Linen
  • 1 Attendant
  • Installation/ Breakdown

Studio Rental & Luxury Decor $5,999

Include Specialty Tables, Bar, DJ, Catering & Cake

  • Venue Rental
  • Up to 6 hours
  • Custom Tablescape Design
  • 2 Luxury Mirror Top Tables w/ Specialty Chairs
  • Up to 12 Tables (Round, Rectangle, High Top)
  • Specialty Linen Tablecloths
  • Up to 50 Clear Lattice Chiavari Chairs or Gold Omega Chairs
  • Upgraded Glass Charger Plates
  • Linen Napkins
  • Centerpieces: Florals, candles, crystals, candelabras, etc.
  • Hanging Balloons or Organic Arch
  • Stationery (Guests Menus or Thank You Notes)
  • Crystal Bling Card Box Rental (Silver or Gold)
  • Head Table Decor
  • Full Room Drapery
  • Full Room Uplighting
  • Grand Entrance
  • Welcome Sign
  • 2- Tier Cake (May add on additional tiers)
  • Custom Dessert Station
  • DJ (Includes Booth)
  • Bartender Service  (Include 1 signature drink & customized bar)
  • Dinner: 1 Meat, 1 Starch, and 1 Vegetable (May add on items)
  • Food Table Linen
  • 1 Attendant
  • Installation/ Breakdown

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Add-On Services

There is a refundable $250 security deposit required. The deposit amount will be added to the invoice. The security deposit will be refunded within 7 days of the event as long as there is no damage and the venue policies have been followed. If any damages exceed the amount of the security deposit, the cost shall be the responsibility of the person financially responsible for the event. You will have until 1 week prior to event to pay the security deposit.

  • All events must end by midnight.
  • Must adhere to the City of Farmington noise ordinance.
  • No loitering/gathering in front of the building.

Alcohol is only permitted with a licensed and bonded bartender. We provide an in-house bartending service or the client may hire a mobile bar.

  • We do not allow decor to be attached to the walls. Backdrops must have a backdrop stand.
  • We do not allow decor to be hung from chandeliers.
  • We do not allow cigarette, marijuana or hookah smoking on the premises.
  • We do not allow fresh flower petals on the floor due to staining.
  • Client is responsible for cleaning up food, drinks, and large debris at the end of the event.
  • Client is responsible for disposing balloons and Ice Sculptures at the end of the event. These items should not be left at MPQ Studio.

Client is responsible for providing all food prepping utensils and equipment such as warmers, burners, knives, plates and silverware.